Valdez P.I. will look into a person's professional and personal history. We will give you a greater understanding of the person you are looking into that will allow you to make the right decision for your immediate needs.

Why Conduct a Background Check?

In todays day and age where people are sued at a higher rate, it benefits the employer or business owner to know who will be working for them. Often times, employers hire an individual because they are sold a bill of goods with a fancy resume, a couple of close friends vouching for them, and the ability to talk smooth during the interview. Valdez Investigative Services can do pre-employment background investigations than can save you thousands of dollars in the long run as well as giving the person doing the hiring a certain peace of mind. Would you want to know if the person who is being considered for the job has been arrested for theft or drug abuse? How about if the person rents and has been evicted for damaging residences on multiple occasions? Do you think these people will be dependable or take care of your property? These are just some small examples of what could easily be found if a background check had been conducted. Ask yourself the simple question, is it better to spend several hundred versus what could easily be the loss of thousands or even tens of thousands? We conduct basic, intermediate, and extensive background checks. Call for a consultation