We handle cold case homicides, suspicious deaths, and many other unsolved cases. We can review the case, identify techniques that may have been missed by law enforcement, identify witnesses who may have had additional information that was not given to law enforcement, locate undiscovered evidence at times, or see things in a different light. Sometimes, law enforcement does miss some things due to time constraints, inexperience by investigating officers, or just not having cooperative witnesses. There are times when individuals may be more comfortable in dealing with a non-law enforcement investigator due to prior experiences or other reasons. We will not interfere with law enforcement but we will conduct honest, detailed, focused, and professional investigations. Obviously, if we discover additional information that law enforcement does not have, we would give the information to appropriate authorities.

Elder Abuse is rampant in todays world. Many predators prey upon the week and unable. If you have a loved one that may be the victim of elder abuse, please don't hesitate to ask for assistance. We recommend  calling law enforcement but we have noticed a pattern of law enforcment being too busy to look into potential elder abuse, especially in elder abuse financial crimes. We will conduct a complete investigation and will turn over our findings to law enforcment if elder abuse is confirmed.

Nursing home care is another area that can be a concern for loved ones. If you would like a welfare or security check on a loved one in a care home or nursing home, we can handle those as well. We would meet with you to discuss what concerns you have, and then together discuss the best plan of action to make sure the your loved one is secure and is in a good location. Our staff has in house legal counsel to run complicated matters by when it comes up.