Missing Persons

Having a missing family member or loved one can be a heart wrenching experience. Your concerns are vitally important to us just as the whereabouts of the missing person are. We will conduct a search in many different ways after we gather as much information from you and others as possible. We have many different ways of contacting and locating people who have not been seen for sometime. While there are times the person is missing under suspicious circumstances, more often than not, it is a person who has not been seen in a while or a lost love. We can assist with those as well. Obviously, on certain cases, when we locate the person, we may have to get permission to give their location. Every case is handled in a careful and discreet manner. Our staff takes missing person cases very seriously and will pay close attention to each detail.

When minors run away, it is important to start the investigation as soon as possible for obvious risk reasons. If you feel you have a missing person you want to find, call us today for a consultation.