Why Conduct Surveillance?

You may need to counteract or get proof of a wrongdoing, to acquire evidence in common suits, to record a person's area, to archive exercises in or around a particular area or building, to get data to be utilized as a part of a cross examination, to accumulate knowledge, or even get information to be utilized as a part of court.

A professional investigator is licensed and insured to provide surveillance and to gather evidence through audio and video equipment. Plus, a professional investigator is often the most effective way to observe someone or something. Investigators are trained for years in order to be able to track down alleged criminals or uncover dishonesty in any form. Since private investigators are well-versed in current laws and often work with police and police investigations, you don't have to worry about legal impediments when you entrust your surveillance needs to investigator. Plus, investigators have access to various types of surveillance equipment--such as one-way mirrors, specialized equipment, and special vehicles--that can make surveillance more effective. If surveillance reveals illegal activity, evidence gathered by private investigators often stands up in court much better than evidence gathered by the average citizen.


What type of surveillance do you need?

  • Missing person searches
  • Cheating spouse investigations
  • Recurrent theft
  • Worker's compensation cases
  • Vandalism