Workplace environment can be the difference in a successful or un-successful business. There are certain things that can't be taken lightly and requires immediate attention. Valdez Investigative Services has conducted many workplace investigations. We realize the delicate balance that is needed when conducting these often times complicated and confidential investigations. Our staff is aware of this and will approach each case with careful consideration in dealing with employees. Commuication between the business hiring us and our staff is crucial to successful outcome. Before starting any investigation, detailed information is obtained which will give us the best chance and the most appropriate outcome. Failure to act can cost thousands of dollars or even more in damges alone. Work productivity can be affected if the business fails to act when others see there has been wrong doing or a serious breach of policy and/or trust. We will find facts, offer solutions when needed, and provide input throughout the investigative process. We conduct very detailed and thorough investigations. The best interest of our clients are always a priority when we take cases.


  • Discrimination complaints
  • Harassment complaints
  • Safety problems
  • Substance abuse
  • Threats against others
  • Vandalism and other sabotage
  • Violations of work rules
  • Workplace theft